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Tropical Leaves

About Be Seen Psychology

Photograph of Haylea from perspective of computer screen. Haylea has dark brown moderately curly not quite shoulder length hair, wearing pink framed glasses and a green shirt with a chameleon pin in the colours of the LGTBQIA+ flag. Behind her is a navy window blind and a shelving unit with various books, plants, and artwork of green leaves.

^ Mostly accurate portrayal of what you should expect to see of me on our video call. Level of hair frizz and style of glasses subject to change. I invite you to also join us how you are comfortable, whether that’s PJs or formalwear. 

Haylea Hodges



Board Approved Supervisor

BPsySci(Hons) MProfPsy MAAPi

Hello, I’m Haylea. I am a late identified AuDHDer who understands the journey of “why didn’t I know this sooner” to then the “why didn’t everyone else know this sooner”. I just wanted to give a bit of background of who I am and therefore how Be Seen Psychology came to be.


I sort of fell into psychology straight out of high school due to wanting something with lots of options. I hadn’t actually expected to love it so much and continue through to honours and masters (no one tells you that when they offer you a 3 year degree). I remember sitting in a masters class on assessment and thinking “ohhh, this is what I want to do!” I think hearing that a lot of psychologists don’t like to assess and that it can be quite different work each day got me hooked (umm hello novelty and challenge seeking brain!). I completed my masters internships in uni clinics, and my externship as a provisional psychologist in a correctional centre. Then once I was fully registered, which took more time than it should have because there were no actual deadlines given for case studies (we’re seeing a pattern right?), I moved to child intervention work. That was a lot of fun, and I also gained some good experience in child assessment.


I then had my little one in 2020 and knew I would prefer to return to assessment rather than therapy while juggling a baby at home. So I then started with Left of Centre Therapies in 2021. There I was privileged to work with a wonderful neuroaffirming team and with amazing clients to further hone my passion for adult assessments and helped to design the mini ND assessments offered there. I was also given the needed push to become a board approved supervisor and was a part of the management team for a year.


I then decided to step out onto my own, and had the amazing support of everyone at Left of Centre to open my own business.

The name Be Seen Psychology was born out of the moment that I always endeavour to bring to clients, the moment of being seen. We strive to truly understand each client’s experience so that clients leave understanding more about themselves. 


If you’ve made it through this far, you’re probably likely to enjoy my info-dumping in session and we'll probably be a good fit. Though I still haven't come back to seeing therapy clients, I really look forward to ‘seeing you' for assessment, in groups, or for supervision! 

Tropical Leaves

Meet  the Team

Please meet the amazing Be Seen team below! I've had the pleasure of seeing each of the team with clients and can attest to how well they all work and strive to understand and support each of their clients. I do not envy clients who have to try and pick which clinician to see, but know that you will be well supported with any of us!

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