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Autism/ADHD Assessment

Our Autism/ADHD assessment process is generally as follows: 
  • Book appointment time online via the Booking Portal shortcut above.

  • Get sent consent form and background information form to complete.


  • Get sent invoice ($1600 total), 50% deposit required to confirm appointment (minimum 2 weeks prior).

  • Once deposit and forms received you will be sent online questionnaires to complete.


  • Appointment session

o   2-3 hour interview via zoom 

o   encouraged to have a friend/family member with you, but not required

o   sometimes informant questionnaires will be sent to partner/family member/friend if needed for diagnostic clarity (will be discussed with you) 

o   feedback session scheduled with clinician (time frame discussed with you, to allow enough time for clinician to write report, and for you to pay remaining 50%, can usually be within 2-4 weeks from appointment if everything complete)


  • Feedback session

o   30min-1hour via zoom 

o   discuss results and report


  • Report emailed to you after feedback session.


  • If autism diagnosis is reached, you can use the report for applying for NDIS along with any other documentation from other allied health/GPs etc, though we can never guarantee outcome or funding. NDIS has been asking for additional information from speech therapists, occupational therapists, or clinical psychologists lately so it is important to note that you may require further information from elsewhere post diagnosis to access NDIS funding.


  • If ADHD diagnosis is reached you will need to see a psychiatrist to discuss eligibility for medication. How much of their own assessment they complete will be up to each individual psychiatrist. 


  • Very occasionally we need further assessment to determine a diagnosis, if this is the case this will be discussed with you and you will be informed of all options to proceed.

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